Centro Montessori de Leon is a model school based on the Montessori educational method and philosophy. We offer education for children from 1 to 15 years, and we are always pleased to receive families from other countries in our community. Universidad Montessori de Mexico is our partner institution, which encompasses an international training center for Montessori  teachers and two Postgraduate programs in Montessori Education recognized by the mexican government.
We are convinced about what a good school should be. We want to develop the love for learning in our children, and we accept the responsibility that we have in their intellectual and social growth. We believe that our educational opportunities are unmatched by any other institution in our region. Our main values are trust, respect and comprehension, and we try to integrate them in all of our activities.
Montessori philosophy is based in a profound respect to every child as a unique human being. We assume that every child is born intelligent, curious, creative and with an enormous imagination and amazement capacity. Our goal is not to control, but to inspire children to learn joyfully. Montessori is, in essence, designed to teach children how to think profoundly, by themselves and for the others.
We know that it is of great importance to achieve an excellent academic level in our children, but if they also learn to think by themselves, to take their own decisions, to have their own criteria and a great respect for our environment, they will have a tool that will be useful for school, but even more, for life.
Please contact us to receive further information on how you can join our Montessori community!

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